Yukionna Gensou - Michiyuki Hen

From Antisense Scanslations: Nobody in the town knows where Yuki comes from, but everyone agrees she’s a good wife—loving, pretty, and meek. But things aren’t always what they seem. Who is Yuki really, and why is her body always so, so cold? --------------------------- Yuki is the perfect wife - helpful, beautiful, kind, a great cook. No one knows where she came from, but everyone who meets her seems to like her. Yuki herself is happy too, until one day her husband's love cools off. She dispears from the village as snow slowly falls and when it melts, everyone will forget her. Where will she go? Was she really ever there or was it an illusion?

Author: Ando Icori
Genres: Adult ,Fantasy ,Mystery ,Shounen
Status: Ongoing