Witch Craft Works

The main character (Takamiya, Honoka) is a regular student whose only problem seems to be that he sits next to Kagari, Ayaka, the school's #1 beauty. They have never crossed words before, and even a small interaction between them results in her fan club beating him. Yet when a falling part of the school's building is about to send him to the afterlife, it was her who came to his rescue. Except, she was dressed as a witch, carrying him in her arms and floating on a broom. She continues to protect him using her fire magic until the attempt on his life ends. She tells him it is her mission to protect him, and that now she can finally protect him openly (she used different means to protect him "undercover") Why was Takamiya attacked, who asked Kagari to protect him, why does she refer to him as "my princess" and what is her fan club going to do to him now that she will be close to him openly? We'll need to wait to find out!

Author: Mizunagi Ryuu
Genres: Adult ,Adventure ,Drama ,Historical ,Shoujo ,Shounen ,Webtoons
Status: Ongoing
Chap Chapter 68 Takamiya-kun and Alcina's Scenario
Chap Chapter 67 Takamiya-kun and the Mikage Family's Affairs
Chap Chapter 66 Takamiya-kun and the Curse-Lifting Spell
Chap Chapter 65 Takamiya-kun and the Mysterious Transfer Student
Chap Chapter 64 Takamiya-kun and The Beginning of the New Semester
Chap Chapter 63 Takamiya-kun and the Final Day of Summer Break
Chap Chapter 62 Takamiya-kun and the Dinner Party over Summer Break
Chap Chapter 61 Takamiya-kun and the Chairwoman's Melancholy
Chap Chapter 60 Takamiya-kun and the Rules of the Workshop
Chap Chapter 58 Takamiya-kun and the World in the Pendant, Part 8
Chap Chapter 59
Chap Chapter 58
Chap Chapter 57 Takamiya-kun and the World in the Pendant, Part 7
Chap Chapter 56 Takamiya-kun and the World in the Pendant, Part 6
Chap Chapter 55 Takamiya-kun and the World in the Pendant, Part 5
Chap Chapter 54.5 Kasumi-chan and Kitty-Ears' Exploratory Party
Chap Chapter 54 Takamiya-kun and the World in the Pendant, Part 4
Chap Chapter 53 Takamiya-kun and the World in the Pendant, Part 3
Chap Chapter 52 Takamiya-kun and the World in the Pendant, Part 2
Chap Chapter 51 Takamiya-kun and the World in the Pendant
Chap Chapter 50 Takamiya-kun and the Chamber of Secrets
Chap Chapter 49 Takamiya-kun and Kasane's House
Chap Chapter 48 Takamiya-kun and the Spider Witch
Chap Chapter 47 Weekend and Chronoire's World
Chap Chapter 46 Takamiya-kun & the Witches Vacation
Chap Chapter 45 Takamiya-kun & Kagari-san's Summer Break Lessons
Chap Chapter 44 Takamiya-kun and Kasumi-chan's World (Epilogue)
Chap Chapter 43 Takamiya-kun and Kasumi-chans World (Final Act)
Chap Chapter 42 Takamiya-kun and Kasumi-chan's World (Middle Act)
Chap Chapter 41 Takamiya-kun and Kasumi-chan's World (Opening Act)
Chap Chapter 40 Takamiya-kun and Kasumi-chan's Pinata
Chap Chapter 39.5 Bonus Chapter: Kasumi-chan And The Out-To-Lunch Kitty-Ears
Chap Chapter 39 Takamiya-kun and Kazane's Apprentice
Chap Chapter 38 Takamiya-kun and the Mikage Family's Circumstances
Chap Chapter 37 Takamiya-kun and Mama's Old Scar
Chap Chapter 36 Takamiya-kun and Kagari-san's First Meeting
Chap Chapter 35.6 Omakes and 4komas
Chap Chapter 35.5 Bonus Chapter Takamiya-san And Tanuma-san's Theater
Chap Chapter 35 Takamiya-kun and Kagari-san's Key
Chap Chapter 34 Takamiya-kun and The Kagari Clan's Estate
Chap Chapter 33 Takamiya-kun and the Hot Springs Trip
Chap Chapter 32 Takamiya-kun and Operation Penguin Subjugation
Chap Chapter 31 Takamiya-kun and Tanuma-san's Calamity
Chap Chapter 30 Takamiya-kun and the return of the KMM
Chap Chapter 29 Takamiya-kun and the Little Sisters Evil Conspiracy
Chap Chapter 28 Takamiya-kun and the Ice Witch
Chap Chapter 27 Takamiya-kun vs. Weekend - Part 10
Chap Chapter 26 Takamiya-kun vs. Weekend - Part 9
Chap Chapter 25 Takamiya-kun vs. Weekend - Part 8
Chap Chapter 24 Takamiya-kun vs. Weekend - Part 7
Chap Chapter 23 Takamiya-kun vs. Weekend - Part 6
Chap Chapter 22 Takamiya-kun vs. Weekend - Part 5
Chap Chapter 21 Takamiya-kun vs. Weekend - Part 4
Chap Chapter 20 Takamiya-kun vs. Weekend - Part 3
Chap Chapter 19 Takamiya-kun vs. Weekend - Part 2
Chap Chapter 18 Takamiya-kun vs. Weekend - Part 1
Chap Chapter 17 Takamiya-kun and the Witch of the End