Tiger &Amp; Bunny Dj - Candy Man

Pairing(s): Keith x Kotetsu, Barnaby x Kotetsu `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` 1) After his drink with Barnaby is canceled, Kotetsu make himself drunk in sorrow and bear. Byson can't take care form him this night so KOH Keith is sweart to resist a drunk-become-man-hore-Kotetsu and his sandahool scence. He don't wanna. 2) The song "sandawool" from Lisa Robe make Barnaby unable to stop thinking of Kotetsu and all that he feel. Kotetsu play unaware and both know the destrucction this could become. 3) Kotetsu and Barnaby can't stop thinking of the stolen kiss... and the awkardness grow, the friends of both try to help them, but Keith is against all that, Barnaby try to fight, but Kotetsu ... and Barnaby is tired. 4) Secrets dreams of Kotetsu about love and lost. Kotetsu can't see Barnaby but then they seriusly talk about all. He keeps running from all that he can't face yet. He run of love into lust. He run for Keith but Barnaby will not give up and he know what to do. And kotetsu learn to let go...

Author: Watanabe Asia
Genres: Drama ,Fantasy ,SchoolLife ,Smut ,Yaoi ,Yuri
Status: Finished