Souboutei Kowasu Beshi

Souboutei Kowasu Beshi (双亡亭壊すべし, Sōbōtei Kowasu Beshi) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by FUJITA Kazuhiro.

Author: Fujita Kazuhiro
Genres: Adult ,Adventure ,Comedy ,Doujinshi ,Supernatural
Status: Ongoing
Chap Vol.04 Ch.036
Chap Vol.04 Ch.035 - I Was Happy
Chap Vol.04 Ch.034 - Him
Chap Vol.04 Ch.033 - The White Sea
Chap Vol.04 Ch.032 - Arm vs. Arm
Chap Vol.04 Ch.031 - Reverser vs. Reverser
Chap Vol.04 Ch.030 - It Is Not A Psychic Phenomenon
Chap Vol.04 Ch.029 - The Nightmare of the Prime Ministers
Chap Vol.03 Ch.028 - Flor The Apporter
Chap Vol.03 Ch.027 - The Prime Ministers
Chap Vol.03 Ch.026 - Changing Room
Chap Vol.03 Ch.025 - The Melting Room
Chap Vol.03 Ch.024 - Kurenai's Battle with the Past
Chap Vol.03 Ch.023 - Kurenai Inside the Painting
Chap Vol.03 Ch.022
Chap Vol.03 Ch.021 - Takoha Inside the Painting
Chap Vol.03 Ch.020 - Takoha's Portrait
Chap Vol.03 Ch.019 - The Painter
Chap Vol.02 Ch.018 - The Portraits
Chap Vol.02 Ch.017 - Cut to Black
Chap Vol.02 Ch.016 - The Fighters
Chap Vol.02 Ch.015 - Souboutei
Chap Vol.02 Ch.014 - Souboutei Invasion
Chap Vol.02 Ch.013 - The First Step
Chap Vol.02 Ch.012 - The Ones Who Forge Ahead
Chap Vol.02 Ch.011 - Back to School (2)
Chap Vol.02 Ch.010 - Back to School (1)
Chap Vol.02 Ch.009 - Debriefing
Chap Vol.01 Ch.008 - The Arm That Rends
Chap Vol.01 Ch.007 - Seiichi’s House
Chap Vol.01 Ch.006 - Seiichi and Rokurou
Chap Vol.01 Ch.005 - Introductions
Chap Vol.01 Ch.004 - Kurenai vs. Seiichi
Chap Vol.01 Ch.003 - Encounters
Chap Vol.01 Ch.002 - Visitors
Chap Vol.01 Ch.001 - The Still House
Chap Chapter 15 Souboutei
Chap Chapter 14 Souboutei Invasion
Chap Chapter 13 The First Step
Chap Chapter 12 The Ones Who Forge Ahead
Chap Chapter 11 Back to School (2)
Chap Chapter 10 Back to School (1)
Chap Chapter 9 Debriefing
Chap Chapter 8 The Arm That Rends
Chap Chapter 7 Seiichi’s House
Chap Chapter 6 Seiichi and Rokurou
Chap Chapter 5 Introductions
Chap Chapter 4 Kurenai vs. Seiichi
Chap Chapter 3 Encounters
Chap Chapter 2 Visitors
Chap Chapter 1 The Still House