Kizudarake No Airabuyuu

Follows some of the rougher, odder, and even taboo relationships known to the yaoi genre. 1) Cause I love every bit of you.. Youkou is a heartthrob who is reputed to have quite the technique in the bedroom. His friend, Yukio, well aware of his reputation, begins to worry when Youkou starts coming home with cuts and bruises. 2) Driving School Romance Ishimoto discovers he and his driver's ed. instructor share the same passion for action-hero figurines. While bonding over their miniature, plastic heroes, the two get hopelessly drunk, and Ishimoto finds himself butt-naked in his instructor's bed the next morning. 3) A Delusional Couple's Romance. In an odd tale of forbidden love, Fumi is quite taken with the handsome man his brother has become while studying abroad, perhaps even a little too taken. Conflicted by desires to both embrace and push each other away, these siblings struggle to regain a normal, brotherly bond in the face a tempting, tabooed path. 4) Love full of scars. 5) Avortex of Love. The stories in Love Full of Scars tell of both the physical and emotional marks that tough love can leave on a person.

Author: Psyche Delico
Genres: Drama ,Fantasy ,Shoujo ,Smut
Status: Finished