Combula Crystelice

Combula Crystelice™ is a 2013 Multi-cultural Fantasy, Action comic (web-comic), Created by Lotachi Donatello and written by Valentino Onuora. The first installment in the Combula Crystelice™ franchise. The Comic's plot follows The protagonist, Alexus and his sister Niné, with thier friend Ziki embarking on an unwilling adventure of a lifetime, battling cultist, dragon and forces of nature all in a bid to gather 9 legendary crystals said to have the power to prevent the 2nd Calamity. Lotachi Donatello and his production company Inbox-Anime acquired the rights to the franchise in January 2013. Donatello made sure to ask for the input of Combula Crystelice™ Writer Valentino Onuora, hoping to create something that would get closer to the top notch Comic and movie producing companies worldwide (DC Comics, Marvel Comics etc). The Comic was originaly released by Inbox-Anime on November 20, 2013, on its website Inbox-Anime,.The comic was well recieved by critics, who found the story and art work to be an OK read, although the Creator wasn't all that pleased with the job done, he decided to re-make it from scratch which will be re-released July 2016.

Author: Valentino Onuora
Genres: Adventure ,Drama ,Historical
Status: Ongoing