Ao no Sekai

Fuwa Yuusuke is a high-schooler afraid of being branded differently from others. To date, he's had nothing more than casual relationships. Nakahashi Makoto is afraid of losing the people he loves. To date, he has not had a serious relationship with anyone. Nakahashi Kenji (Makoto's uncle) is a cop who has a inferiority complex when comparing himself to his honor student brother and his lover, Misonou Takashi, a novelist. A certain incident brings these 4 people together. This is an adult love story about the emotions of different people who harbour feelings of loneliness in their hearts. Kure is angry that cop Tachibana Tsuyoshi doesn't remember him, and he doesn't handle that very well. All the while Nakahashi Kenji and Tachibana Tsuyoshi are trying to solve the serial murder of 3 highschool girls. The last chapter is a oneshot about a patissier and his shop assistant.

Author: Suga Kunihiko
Genres: Drama ,Romance ,Yaoi
Status: Ongoing