Seishun Location

Moa and Miyabi are childhood friends, they also always attended the same schools and in practice they never separated, but these two guys could not be any worse matched: Moa is a chick, while Miyabi is a giant. Moa, has a deep brotherly affection for her dear friend, but also has a dream: to meet the right guy and live a wonderful love story. For its part Miyabi does not seem to think exactly like Moa, or rather, he would like Moa find a guy but... One day, Moa is assigned by the teacher to go at Yamada's house, a guy very shy, frightened by contact with others and for this reason he refuses to come to school. Will Moa change his mind?/A

Author: Tajima Mimi
Genres: Romance ,SchoolLife ,Shoujoai
Status: Ongoing