Collection of one shots. 1. Heart Food A brown-haired high school girl wakes up in a zoo on midnight and has a chance encounter with a tiger... outside of his cage? It gets even weirder when he starts talking to her! However, there lies a deeper reason for the lion's presence... and the girl's. 2. Kopi Kopi Luwak 3. Funny Game 4. Afterlife Jaunte 5. The Kaguya Paradigm 6. Facehugger 7. High Heels and Sneakers 8. Vigilante 9. Animal Magnetism Theory 10. Warren Wilson Dies Again 11. Poohta's Forest 12. Paracelsus' Beloved Desciples 13. The Collector and Phantom Pain

Author: Douman, Sayman
Genres: Comedy ,Drama ,Romance ,Seinen
Status: Finished