Sirius no Kizuato

This is the story of a teenage boy named Takeru Tachibana and his struggle to recover his sister Sayoko from a "cyborg dogfight circuit". When Takeru was 10 years old, his town was bombed during an enemy air-raid in which his parents were killed and he was mortally wounded. Sayoko, cut deep with "survivor's guilt" and a "co-dependent" inability to deal with living alone, rashly sells her brain to the Albion Corporation run by a mysterious CEO named Véltare Marçeau in order to pay for a risky surgical operation that Takeru may or may not survive. Her brain is placed in a cybernetic body, the process of which essentially eliminates the brain's memories and heightens its aggression. Her new identity is The White 13, or "The Ice Doll", and for the next five years she is placed on a dogfight circuit fighting other cyborgs in gladiator-style extravaganzas where she eventually becomes the grand champion and obtains the rank of "sirius"...

Author: TAKADA Shinichirou
Genres: Action ,Mature
Status: Ongoing
Chap Chapter Vol.004 Ch.007: Denouement - Vessel [End]
Chap Chapter Vol.004 Ch.006: Vol 004.006 - An Audience With Myself
Chap Chapter Vol.004 Ch.005: Vol 004.005 - Journey's End
Chap Chapter Vol.004 Ch.004: Vol 004.004 - Invitations
Chap Chapter Vol.004 Ch.003: Vol 004.003 - Distant Voices
Chap Chapter Vol.004 Ch.002: Vol 004.002 - Fragments
Chap Chapter Vol.004 Ch.001: Vol 004.001 - The Power of People
Chap Chapter Vol.003 Ch.008: Vol 003.008 - Dawn's Early Fight
Chap Chapter Vol.003 Ch.007: Vol 003.007 - Pretending It Doesn't Hurt
Chap Chapter Vol.003 Ch.006: Vol 003.006 - The Melancholy Fairy
Chap Chapter Vol.003 Ch.005: Vol 003.005 - Contact
Chap Chapter Vol.003 Ch.004: Vol 003.004 - Undercover Operations
Chap Chapter Vol.003 Ch.003: Vol 003.003 - The Gathering Storm
Chap Chapter Vol.003 Ch.002: Vol 003.002 - Voice
Chap Chapter Vol.003 Ch.001: Vol 003.001 - Memories in the Palm of Her Hand
Chap Chapter Vol.002 Ch.007: Volume 002, Part 007 - Northbound
Chap Chapter Vol.002 Ch.006: Volume 002, Part 006 - A New Dog Collar
Chap Chapter Vol.002 Ch.005: Volume 002, Part 005 - Family Reunion
Chap Chapter Vol.002 Ch.004: Volume 002, Part 004 - Blood Memories
Chap Chapter Vol.002 Ch.003: Volume 002, Part 003 - A New Face Joins The Fray
Chap Chapter Vol.002 Ch.002: Volume 002, Part 002 - Battle Instinct
Chap Chapter Vol.002 Ch.001: Volume 002, Part 001 - Not All Wounds Are Healed With Time
Chap Chapter Vol.001 Ch.006: Part 006 - On the Wings of My Father
Chap Chapter Vol.001 Ch.005: Part 005 - Don't Leave Me Alone
Chap Chapter Vol.001 Ch.004: Part 004 - Can't Stop the Pain
Chap Chapter Vol.001 Ch.003: Part 003 - Things Get Sirius
Chap Chapter Vol.001 Ch.002: Part 002 - Meet Oto: The Girl With Scars of Her Own
Chap Chapter Vol.001 Ch.001: Part 001 - The Seven Day Countdown Begins