Raruto is a Spanish webcomic by Jesús García Ferrer (Jesulink), published from 2005 to 2008, and is a parody of the Japanese manga Naruto with absurd humor and a careless super-deformed artstyle. There is a sequel, Raruto Sisepuede, ongoing since 2008. Despite the artwork, Raruto became the most well-known parody of Naruto in Spain, and has been sold in printed volumes in manga conventions in Spain.The popularity of Raruto led Jesulink to start a new manga, "5 Elementos", which despite being also published online, has sold over 15000 copies in its printed format.

Author: Jesús García Ferrer (Jesulink)
Genres: Action ,Comedy ,MartialArts
Status: Ongoing
Chap Chapter Vol.005 Ch.036: Finale [End]
Chap Chapter Vol.005 Ch.035B: Seven fights (II)
Chap Chapter Vol.005 Ch.035A: Seven fights (I)
Chap Chapter Vol.005 Ch.034: Cooked up
Chap Chapter Vol.005 Ch.032-033: Fatso versus fatso / Caught up in the web
Chap Chapter Vol.005 Ch.031: Chapter, the cosmic ninja
Chap Chapter Vol.005 Ch.030: And the fifth one arrived
Chap Chapter Vol.004 Ch.029: I can't heal you, Li
Chap Chapter Vol.004 Ch.028: The three again
Chap Chapter Vol.004 Ch.027: Traitor
Chap Chapter Vol.004 Ch.026: Su madre! (Holy mother!)
Chap Chapter Vol.004 Ch.025: The trials of the candy
Chap Chapter Vol.004 Ch.024: One thing led to another
Chap Chapter Vol.004 Ch.023: Coming, coming back home
Chap Chapter Vol.003 Ch.021B: Inversion (II)
Chap Chapter Vol.003 Ch.021A: Inversion (I)
Chap Chapter Vol.003 Ch.020: I have the balls
Chap Chapter Vol.003 Ch.019: Got your order!
Chap Chapter Vol.003 Ch.018: Cagarruta, I choose you!
Chap Chapter Vol.003 Ch.017: Sinyaya
Chap Chapter Vol.002 Ch.016: Best-seller
Chap Chapter Vol.002 Ch.015: My life goes down the drain
Chap Chapter Vol.002 Ch.013-014: Chapter VS Simba / Byauntukan
Chap Chapter Vol.002 Ch.012: Mini-prostitutes
Chap Chapter Vol.002 Ch.011: The dawning of betrayal
Chap Chapter Vol.002 Ch.010: Strawberry iced lolly, lemon iced lolly
Chap Chapter Vol.002 Ch.009: I sell you my body!
Chap Chapter Vol.002 Ch.008: You are not you
Chap Chapter Vol.001 Ch.007: Copy... Paste
Chap Chapter Vol.001 Ch.006: My name is...
Chap Chapter Vol.001 Ch.005: My highway of the ninja
Chap Chapter Vol.001 Ch.004: Power up the ass
Chap Chapter Vol.001 Ch.003: Ninja assassins
Chap Chapter Vol.001 Ch.002: The trial of the hams
Chap Chapter Vol.001 Ch.001: You damn ninja!