1-3) When part-timer Hiroto gives some food to the adorable child in the park, he doesn't imagine that the child's father will offer him a job. Mamoru is a very picky eater and his father Suguru needs a reliable housekeeper since his job as a pilot keeps him away for days at time. The only rule is, no falling in love with Suguru, which should be easy, right? Right?!4-5)Sonna Kimi ga Suki; Konna Boku demo Suki?A pretty-boy model falls head over heels for an otaku with a 2D complex.6) Moshi Makawari no Koi demoRiku's twin sister fell in love with a guy from a very powerfull and rich family. The only Hitch is that Miku's boyfriend got an over-protecting brother, Kazuya. So when Miku and her lover eloping, Riku will do his best to save their love.7)Sausage Suki Desu? Extra for the first story

Author: Cj Michalski
Genres: Comedy ,Drama
Status: Ongoing