Gensou Gynaccoracy

Collection of short stories:2 - KamakurianSci-Fi story about building kamakuras after the weather warms further globally providing less snow for local customs.3 - A Happy Birthday from ParadiseHoshihiro is a 40-year-old virgin who desperately wants a girlfriend. But thanks to his "chastity", he has been chosen as the next fairy king. But in the two weeks until the wedding...4 - Tsutsu-IzutsuItagua and Kagua are two aliens whose spaceship broke down while they were visiting Earth, leaving them stranded and hiding in a dried water well. Due to the distance to their planet, they took 13 years to ask for help. And now finally...5 - Cops and RobbersA petty robber learns of the existence of the "Village of Honesty", where they only tell the truth, and he goes with the purpose of rip off all the townfolk.At the entrance of the village he finds a fork with two beautiful women, one who tells the truth and one who tells lies, and he could make only one question to find the right way.6 - New Century GodslayerGod decides to destroy the world because of mankind's behavior and entrust the creation of a new world to his son.

Author: Samura Hiroaki
Genres: Action ,Adult ,Comedy ,Drama ,Josei
Status: Ongoing