Zettai Kareshi

Rejected way too many times by good-looking (and unattainable) guys, shy Riiko Izawa goes online and signs up for a free trial of a mysterious Nightly Lover "figure." The very next day a cute naked guy is delivered to her door, and he wants to be her boyfriend! Has Riiko died and gone to heaven? The cute guy turns out to be sweet, smart, a great cook, and lots more. And he looks like a million bucks, which is what he's going to cost Riiko if she doesn't return him in time... *Includes two other side stories in the last volume called: • Ohoshisama ni wa Sasemasen! (I Won't Let You Become A Star!) - A special short story that was published in a freebie book put out in Sho-Comi. Sneaking into a boys' school to exterminate ghosts! However, what is the boy Chima has always admired doing there...!? - ShoujoMagic • Shounen Aromatic (Aromatic Boy) - Kabuki Takitsugu is a boy who has the family trait of smell. He can smell anyone's fragrance and find their perfect match. One day, a mysterious girl named Hatsune appears before him, asking him to find a match for her. But, for some strange reason.. Hatsune doesn't have a scent.

Author: Watase Yuu
Genres: Shoujo ,Sci-fi ,Tragedy ,Comedy ,Drama ,Romance
Status: Finished
Chap Vol.6 Chapter Extra 2: Shounen Aromatic
Chap Vol.6 Chapter Extra 1: I Won't Let You Become A Star!
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 33: Act.Final - Forever Boyfriend [End]
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 32: Act.31 - Of Course
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 31: Act.30 - Warm and Pretty Lies
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 30: Act.30 - Fight for the Girlfriend
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 29: Act.29 - I'm Sorry
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 28b: Act.28 - A Nurse's Job [continuation]
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 28a: Act.28 - A Nurse's Job (1)
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 27: Act.27 - I'm Thinking of You
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 26: Act.26 - Both of Them
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 25: Act.25 - Itsy-Bitsy Boyfriend
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 24: Act.24 - Open Your Eyes
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 23: Act.23 - Maintenance
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 22: Act.22 - New Model
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 21: Act.21 - Secrets
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 20: Act.20 - A Big Problem
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 19: Act.19 - My First Love
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 18: Act.18 - Unforgivable
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 17: Act.17 - My Real Feelings
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 16: Act.16 - Be With Me
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 15: Act.15 - The Use of Force
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 14: Act.14 - Sex
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 13: Act.13 - Return
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 12: Act.21 - Ex-GF
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 11: Act.11 - Kiss
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 10: Act.10 - The One I Love
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 9: Act.9 - Thanks
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 8: Act.8 - Friends
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 7: Act.7 - Off-Campus Homeroom
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 6: Act.6 - Let's Go to School!
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 5: Act.5 - Dinner
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 4: Act.4 - The Hundred Million Yen Man
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 3: Act.3 - An Honorable Purchase
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 2: Act.2 - Three Day Boyfriend
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 1: Act.1 - Lover Shop