Zetsuen no Tempest

The point of view begins with Hakaze, a witch who ended up on a deserted island. Changing point of views, we now look at Yoshino and Mahiro. Yoshino and Mahiro were best friends, but one day Mahiro suddenly disappeared. Yoshino assumed that he found a clue to whoever murdered his family. Despite the close bond they had, Yoshino has no idea where Mahiro is. However, one day when Yoshino was putting flowers on Mahiros' family's grave, a woman questions Yoshino about Mahiro at gun point. According to the woman, Mahiro got involved with some serious issues that will inevitably put the human race in a catastrophic situation, and the Japanese government is desperately looking for Mahiro. Apparently some sort of "magic" is involved. What happened to Mahiro? And who is this Hakaze girl? What does Hakaze have to do with this?

Author: Sano Arihide & Shirodaira Kyou
Genres: Mystery ,Sci-fi ,Psychological ,Tragedy ,Drama ,Fantasy ,Romance ,Shounen
Status: Finished
Chap Vol.10 Chapter Ex06: Curtain Call - Applause [END]
Chap Vol.10 Chapter Ex05: The Waiting Woman
Chap Vol.10 Chapter Ex04: A Day in the Life of Samon
Chap Vol.10 Chapter Ex03: Ribe of the Family Restaurant
Chap Vol.10 Chapter Ex02: Puss in Boots
Chap Vol.10 Chapter Ex01: The Story of a New Girlfriend
Chap Vol.9 Chapter 44: Let's Start Over Again
Chap Vol.9 Chapter 43: The End of the Dream
Chap Vol.9 Chapter 42: A Bit Overly Mythical
Chap Vol.9 Chapter 41: Like it was Predetermined
Chap Vol.9 Chapter 40: Her Story
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 39: The Little Sister's Story
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 38: And So It Begins
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 37: Howdunit
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 36: Whydunit
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 35: Femme Fatale
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 34: Whodunnit
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 33: Magic Doll
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 32: Until Death Do Us Part
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 31: Hamlet, Avenge!
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 30: Object of Desire
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 29: Spring and Carnage
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 28: Mayasvi [War Ceremony]
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 27: Dancing Girl
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 26: Mind Your Own Business
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 25: Resolved
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 24: Our Trip Is Over
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 23: The True Magician
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 22: Marine Snow
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 21: They Seem To Be Planning Something
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 20: The Unexplainable Story
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 19: Unending Trouble
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 18: What Do You Think Will Happen?
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 17: Happy New Year
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 16: Absent Thee from Felicity Awhile...
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 15: Minus Zero
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 14: Swallowed by a Maelstrom
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 13: Daughter of Time
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 12: The Voice of Time
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 11: How To Build a Time Machine
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 10: Boyfriend
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 9: Tempest
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 8: Time Isolated Girl
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 7: Lets Come What Comes, The Brother Says
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 6: I Don't Know What I Want To Be
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 5: Contradicting Skull
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 4: There is a Reason for Everything
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 3: There Are Impossible Things in Magic Too
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 2: She was Very Pretty, the Boy Said
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 1: The Sorceress in the Barrel