Zannen Jokanbu Black General-san

>tfw you're a superhero but your arch-nemesis is your stalker --------- Braveman is your average superhero. Unfortunately for him, his arch-nemesis also happens to be a stalker and his number one fan. Follow their story as Braveman struggles to overcome his greatest adversary and retain his peace of mind.

Author: Jin (mugenjin)
Genres: Ecchi ,Sci-fi ,Comedy ,Romance ,Shounen
Status: Ongoing
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 43: A Truly Scary Urban Legend
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 42: Operation Love Potion
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 41: Secretary and Drugs and Explosions
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 40: Attack of the Evil Organization Next Door
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 39: RX Group Will Cover the Shipping Cost
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 38: RX Group's Christmas
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 37: Christmas Eve's Gift
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 36: The Taste of Autumn and Fiction vs Reality
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 35: The Female Rose Knight
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 34: Full of Holes in Different Ways
Chap Chapter 33.75: Special Edition x RX Group's New Monster Recruitment!!
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 33.5: Special One Shot x The Hitwoman and the Masked Man
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 33: Natural is Best
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 32: Infiltrating the Hero Exam!
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 31: Summer Hero Special
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 30: Villain League
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 29: Happy Summer Season
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 28: Even a Secret Organization Wants to Go on Vacation
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 27: Meetings and Circumstances and Rookie Training
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 26: The So-Called Creation and Destruction
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 25: Scene with Maid-san
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 24: Jet-Black Thieving Cat
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 23: Flowers, Dumplings, etc.
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 22: Attack of a New Hero
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 21: Pollen and Executive Warning
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 20: Cat's Paw for Hire
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 19: Valentine Panic
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 18: Out With Demons and Luck
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 17: My Sweet Memories
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 16.5: Special Edition x Oneshot Version: Precarious Woman Executive Miss ...
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 16: The Dark Side of Marriage
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 15: Dark Skinned Monster Girl
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 14: Attack of the Boss!
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 13: Terror: A New Species' Explosive Birth!
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 12: Operation Chemical Lunch
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 11: General-sama's Greatest Danger
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 10: RX Group's New Weapon of Terror!
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 9: Secretary and Pudding and Explosions
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 8: A Hero's Everyday Life
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 7: A Scene Often Found In B-Movies
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 6: A New Secret Move
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 5: First World Domination Meeting
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 4: Wandering, Wandering...
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 3: Weekly Girl Power Advice
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 2: Cosy Workplace
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 1: World Domination Start