Yumeiro Patissiere

Amano Ichigo is a clumsy 14-year-old girl whose only "outstanding" trait is an incomparable love of sweets. Constantly overshadowed by her near genius-pianist little sister, Ichigo looked forward to a Sweets Festival to lift her spirits a bit; and lo and behold, a taste takes her by the tongue, leading her to Henri Lucas- a world-famous master patissier. She's not the only one enthralled; Henri is sure she's someone amazing, and gives her a recommendation to St. Marie Academy, a school famous for turning out master patissieres! No sooner than she transfers, Ichigo finds herself amongst the biggest big-shots of the entire middle school, and faced with more troubles than her klutzy self is quite ready to handle. But with the help of her "Sweets Spirit" Vanilla... who knows what'll be possible? ==========Notice============== Unfortunately parts of the comic were scanlated by a group that doesn't allow rehosting. Sorry for the inconvenience. ========Notice End============

Author: Matsumoto Natsumi
Genres: Cooking ,Shoujo ,Harem ,Comedy ,Drama ,Fantasy ,Romance
Status: Ongoing