Yume no Kuni in My Darling

A collection of stories: 1-2) The Land of Dreams in My Darling Shiro is lovingly taking care of his long-time crush Shohei, an aspiring ero-writer. Shohei has not changed at all since high school, when he was regarded as "The most disgusting man of the year", but for mysterious reasons his image in girl's eyes changed totally after he had entered university. Shiro's word crumbles when he catches Shohei using sex service. 3-5.5) Reaching the Deepest Place A disillusioned P.E. Teacher, when patrolling streets, meets an intriguing younger guy. The problem is sensei gets easily drunk and ... 6) Hands in the dark held such warmth An Yakuza and a Host.

Author: Abe Akane
Genres: Yaoi ,Comedy
Status: Finished