Yume Miru Seiza

From PresenceDear: 1) Yume Miru Seiza (The Constellation Shine in the Sky) A businessman misunderstands his newest employee's interest in Shinjuku. 2) Hakuchuu Byakuya (Midday, Midnight Sun) 3) Beautiful Days Yamaguchi was bullied in elementary school. His one friend, the class president, disappeared without a word before they entered middle school, but Yamaguchi never forgot him 4) Summer Landmarks As a child, Minoru promised to keep his grandfather's secret. Years later, a private detective starts poking around the family rental property, asking questions about the past. But, as it turns out, Minoru's grandfather is not the only one with a secret. 5) Renai Kyoubushou (Love Phobia) Extra) Friday Next Week Continuation of Yume Miru Seiza

Author: KUSAMA Sakae
Genres: Yaoi ,Drama
Status: Finished