Yowamushi Pedal

Otaku Sakamichi Onoda has just entered high school and plans to join the anime club. In middle school, Onoda didn’t have any friends with whom he could talk about anime, games, Akihabara and other otaku things, and he is hoping he can make such friends in the anime club, but he finds out it's been disbanded. In order to reestablish the club he tries to find 4 other people who would like to join. Since he was a little boy, Onoda has ridden his mamachari–a bulky bicycle with a step-through frame mainly used for short rides, such as for casual fun or to pick up groceries–to go to Akihabara every week to check out or buy otaku things. Fellow freshman Shunsuke Imaizumi and bicyclist, while training, notices a boy (Onoda) riding his mamachari up a steep road. Freshman and road racing cyclist, Shokichi Naruko visits Akihabara to get some Gundam plastic models for his younger brothers and meets Onoda who catches his attention because of the his cycling skill on the mamachari and later find out they go to the same school. Later on, both Naruko and Imaizumi try to convince him to join the bicycle racing club, but will he?

Author: WATANABE Wataru
Genres: Sports ,Comedy ,Drama ,Shounen
Status: Ongoing
Chap Vol.42 Chapter 362: Koga's yell
Chap Vol.42 Chapter 361: the final decision
Chap Vol.42 Chapter 360: Teshima and onoda
Chap Vol.42 Chapter 359: kaburagi's struggle
Chap Vol.42 Chapter 358: Souhoku moves forward
Chap Vol.42 Chapter 357: The second day starts!!
Chap Vol.42 Chapter 356: Nickname
Chap Vol.41 Chapter 355: The morning of the 2nd day
Chap Vol.41 Chapter 354: Kyoto fushimi's uneasiness
Chap Vol.41 Chapter 353: the footsteps of hope
Chap Vol.41 Chapter 352: Kinjou's words
Chap Vol.41 Chapter 351: wavering sohoku
Chap Vol.41 Chapter 350: The wings of glory
Chap Vol.41 Chapter 349: The goal line!!
Chap Vol.41 Chapter 348: Shaving off 3 seconds
Chap Vol.41 Chapter 347: Transformation
Chap Vol.40 Chapter 346: The resolute 5
Chap Vol.40 Chapter 345: Ashikiba Takuto
Chap Vol.40 Chapter 344: exciting straight line!!
Chap Vol.40 Chapter 343: getting away!!
Chap Vol.40 Chapter 342: switch
Chap Vol.40 Chapter 341: spiky bean
Chap Vol.40 Chapter 340: severely earthshaking
Chap Vol.40 Chapter 339: Near future
Chap Vol.40 Chapter 338: overlapping wishes!!
Chap Vol.39 Chapter 337: The two aces!!
Chap Vol.39 Chapter 336: Naruko, version II
Chap Vol.39 Chapter 335: Hakone's delivery man
Chap Vol.39 Chapter 334: super wavering downhill!!
Chap Vol.39 Chapter 333: Hakone gakuen's ace assist
Chap Vol.39 Chapter 332: the ones providing support
Chap Vol.39 Chapter 331: Looking up at the sky
Chap Vol.39 Chapter 330: The two wishes
Chap Vol.39 Chapter 329: 400m to the line
Chap Vol.38 Chapter 328: search for a "chance"!!
Chap Vol.38 Chapter 327: a weed's riding
Chap Vol.38 Chapter 326: sakamichi vs kyoufushi's yamaguchi
Chap Vol.38 Chapter 325: concentration!!
Chap Vol.38 Chapter 324: manami's "wings"
Chap Vol.38 Chapter 323: Kyoto fushimi
Chap Vol.38 Chapter 322: Pedal, pedal!!
Chap Vol.38 Chapter 321: Message
Chap Vol.37 Chapter 320: teshima's challenge!!
Chap Vol.37 Chapter 319: sho!
Chap Vol.37 Chapter 318: Teshima junta!
Chap Vol.37 Chapter 317: Inescapable net
Chap Vol.37 Chapter 316: the pressure of the #1 zekken
Chap Vol.37 Chapter 315: Sakamichi, trapped
Chap Vol.37 Chapter 314: Souhoku and Hakogaku
Chap Vol.37 Chapter 313: Hakone gakuen makes their move!
Chap Vol.37 Chapter 312: the two sprinters
Chap Vol.36 Chapter 311: Kaburagi, full throttle
Chap Vol.36 Chapter 310: souhoku's light
Chap Vol.36 Chapter 309: the strongest legs
Chap Vol.36 Chapter 308: Doubashi attacks
Chap Vol.36 Chapter 307: I am right
Chap Vol.36 Chapter 306: The spirit of the vending machine
Chap Vol.36 Chapter 305: Kaidou Doubashi
Chap Vol.36 Chapter 304: the expanding aoyagi
Chap Vol.35 Chapter 303: sprinter?!
Chap Vol.35 Chapter 302: starting flag
Chap Vol.35 Chapter 301: the road that leads to the goal
Chap Vol.35 Chapter 300: The second start
Chap Vol.35 Chapter 299: confrontation
Chap Vol.35 Chapter 298: Trembling
Chap Vol.35 Chapter 297: grappling with each other
Chap Vol.35 Chapter 296: single digit zekken
Chap Vol.34 Chapter 295: Start!!!
Chap Vol.34 Chapter 294: 1000 KM!
Chap Vol.34 Chapter 293: Fingertips
Chap Vol.34 Chapter 292: Deep wheel
Chap Vol.34 Chapter 291: Koga's goal
Chap Vol.34 Chapter 290: The average person and the genius
Chap Vol.34 Chapter 289: The last 400 m
Chap Vol.34 Chapter 288: Teshima's challenge
Chap Vol.33 Chapter 287: 1st year zekken #73 Koga
Chap Vol.33 Chapter 286: the 2nd day of the training camp starts!!
Chap Vol.33 Chapter 285: Teshima vs Koga
Chap Vol.33 Chapter 284: teshima's determination
Chap Vol.33 Chapter 283: koga of the thunderous roar
Chap Vol.33 Chapter 282: One more 3rd year
Chap Vol.33 Chapter 281: Kaburagi, all alone
Chap Vol.33 Chapter 280: 1000km once more
Chap Vol.33 Chapter 279: Telephone
Chap Vol.32 Chapter 278: the man who doesn't yield
Chap Vol.32 Chapter 277: the strenght of 6
Chap Vol.32 Chapter 276: Trouble!
Chap Vol.32 Chapter 275: Kaburagi Issa's debut match!
Chap Vol.32 Chapter 274: The new souhouku 6 members
Chap Vol.32 Chapter 273: The final preparation
Chap Vol.32 Chapter 272: The conclusion
Chap Vol.32 Chapter 271: 4 people downhill
Chap Vol.32 Chapter 270: The bond between the sugimoto brothers
Chap Vol.31 Chapter 269: Kaburagi's Declaration
Chap Vol.31 Chapter 268: The Stronger Feelings
Chap Vol.31 Chapter 267: The 6th Man
Chap Vol.31 Chapter 266: The Miracle Pair
Chap Vol.31 Chapter 265: The First Opponent
Chap Vol.31 Chapter 264: To The Wide World
Chap Vol.31 Chapter 263: Sugimoto's Determination
Chap Vol.31 Chapter 262: New Souhoku Start!!
Chap Vol.31 Chapter 261: Hakogaku's Goal Line
Chap Vol.30 Chapter 260: Kuroda, Defiant
Chap Vol.30 Chapter 259: The Pair's Summit
Chap Vol.30 Chapter 258: To The Figure I Admire
Chap Vol.30 Chapter 257: The 4 Zekken
Chap Vol.30 Chapter 256: Hakogaku, The Last Farewell Party
Chap Vol.30 Chapter 255: The Man From Ōsaka
Chap Vol.30 Chapter 254: Locust
Chap Vol.30 Chapter 253: Shaving Away At Each Other
Chap Vol.29 Chapter 252: Naruko vs Midōusuji
Chap Vol.29 Chapter 251: Bicycle Baritude
Chap Vol.29 Chapter 250: Ōsaka
Chap Vol.29 Chapter 249: Within 3 Minutes
Chap Vol.29 Chapter 248: The Younger Sugimoto Brother
Chap Vol.29 Chapter 247: The New Souhoku
Chap Vol.29 Chapter 246: Sprinters!!!
Chap Vol.29 Chapter 245: Ashikiba's Path
Chap Vol.29 Chapter 244: The Fastest Man Upon Mount Minegayama
Chap Vol.28 Chapter 243: Teshima and the Riding of His Soul
Chap Vol.28 Chapter 242: Ashikiba vs Sohoku
Chap Vol.28 Chapter 241: Teammates in Middle School
Chap Vol.28 Chapter 240: Metronome
Chap Vol.28 Chapter 239: The Third Man
Chap Vol.28 Chapter 238: What Lights the Heart Aflame
Chap Vol.28 Chapter 237: What Makishima Left Behind
Chap Vol.28 Chapter 236: The New Sohoku
Chap Vol.28 Chapter 235: The Last Minegayama
Chap Vol.27 Chapter 234.5: Spare Bike 17
Chap Vol.27 Chapter 234: New Machine
Chap Vol.27 Chapter 233: Inter-High Special Stage
Chap Vol.27 Chapter 232: To a Height of 15 Centimeters
Chap Vol.27 Chapter 231: Winner
Chap Vol.27 Chapter 230: The One to Look Up at the Sky
Chap Vol.27 Chapter 229: Last Sprint
Chap Vol.27 Chapter 228: Simply to the Goal
Chap Vol.27 Chapter 227: Let These Feelings Reach
Chap Vol.27 Chapter 226: The Promised Road
Chap Vol.26 Chapter 225: Straight Ahead
Chap Vol.26 Chapter 224: One Kilometer Left
Chap Vol.26 Chapter 223: Last Gear
Chap Vol.26 Chapter 222: Shift Up
Chap Vol.26 Chapter 221: Manami Climbs
Chap Vol.26 Chapter 220: Manami's Wings
Chap Vol.26 Chapter 219: I Will Get Past You
Chap Vol.26 Chapter 218: The Will to Fight
Chap Vol.26 Chapter 217: Manami and Sakamichi
Chap Vol.25 Chapter 216: The Sixth Man
Chap Vol.25 Chapter 215: #91
Chap Vol.25 Chapter 214: Full Speed Dash
Chap Vol.25 Chapter 213: What Lies Ahead of Battle
Chap Vol.25 Chapter 212: A Close Battle
Chap Vol.25 Chapter 211: Imaizumi vs Midousuji
Chap Vol.25 Chapter 210: The Two's Bond
Chap Vol.25 Chapter 209: Erosion
Chap Vol.25 Chapter 208: Sakamichi's Role
Chap Vol.24 Chapter 207.5 Read Online
Chap Vol.24 Chapter 207: The End!!!
Chap Vol.24 Chapter 206: Sakamichi, Off-Course
Chap Vol.24 Chapter 205: "Sohoku's Four-Eyes"
Chap Vol.24 Chapter 204: Step by Step
Chap Vol.24 Chapter 203: Wind
Chap Vol.24 Chapter 202: Manami's Smile
Chap Vol.24 Chapter 201: Hakogaku's Number 6
Chap Vol.24 Chapter 200: Unexpected
Chap Vol.23 Chapter 199: The Persistent Man
Chap Vol.23 Chapter 198: Awakening
Chap Vol.23 Chapter 197: Evolution
Chap Vol.23 Chapter 196: Ace Imaizumi!
Chap Vol.23 Chapter 195: The Man Who Fulfilled His Duty
Chap Vol.23 Chapter 194: Obstinacy
Chap Vol.23 Chapter 193: The Unveiling!!
Chap Vol.23 Chapter 192: Naruko's Real Worth
Chap Vol.23 Chapter 191: The Trusted Four
Chap Vol.20 Chapter 171: Kure's Fighting Dog
Chap Vol.19 Chapter 163: The Leaders Combine Forces
Chap Vol.19 Chapter 162: Cooperation
Chap Vol.19 Chapter 161: The Final Start
Chap Vol.19 Chapter 160: The Guy Who Won't Come
Chap Vol.19 Chapter 159: The Man Who Has It. Machimiya
Chap Vol.19 Chapter 158: The 3rd Day Starts!
Chap Vol.19 Chapter 157: The 3 km to the Pharmacy
Chap Vol.19 Chapter 156: Midousuji's Decision
Chap Vol.19 Chapter 155: Souhoku in 2nd Place
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 154.3: Spare Bike 14
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 154.2: Spare Bike 13
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 154.1: Spare Bike 12
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 154: The Conclusion of the 2nd Stage!!
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 153: Victory
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 152: Akira
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 151: Passion for Victory
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 150: Approaching
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 149: The Two Aces
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 148: Ace
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 147: Margin