Youko x Boku SS

The Shirakiin house's daughter, Shirakiin Ririchiyo, who has a complex about being unable to live independently and unprotected, feels the need to move out and live on her own under the condition of residing in the mansion named "Ayakashi Kan." In this mansion, only those who have cleared a very strict examination could reside in it, and for each resident, they are accompanied with one agent of the Secret Service (S.S.). Although Ririchiyo has rejected the company of the S.S., while residing in the mansion she finds out that the agent dedicated to protecting her is actually the Fox Spirit whom she previously rescued. Note: Youko x Boku SS is serialized in Gangan Joker, a shounen magazine.

Author: Fujiwara Cocoa
Genres: Mystery ,Ecchi ,Comedy ,Drama ,Romance ,Shounen ,Supernatural
Status: Finished
Chap Vol.12 Chapter 49: Final Chapter
Chap Vol.12 Chapter 48 Read Online
Chap Vol.11 Chapter 47 Read Online
Chap Vol.11 Chapter 46: Bittersweet Farewell
Chap Vol.11 Chapter 45: Everything, by our hand
Chap Vol.11 Chapter 44: Story
Chap Vol.10 Chapter 43: Time, Drawing Near
Chap Vol.10 Chapter 43.5: Extra vol.10
Chap Vol.10 Chapter 42: The Unnamed Two
Chap Vol.10 Chapter 41: Distance
Chap Vol.9 Chapter 37: Relive
Chap Vol.9 Chapter 37: Resonance Force
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 36: Time Capsule
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 35 Read Online
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 34 Read Online
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 33: Each Night
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 32: Welcome Maniac
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 31: And Then We Reached Rapunzel
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 30: Just for that Reason
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 29: Distant Memories
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 28: Thanks
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 27: The End of the Lie and the Late Reunion
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 27: The End of a Lie and a Late Meeting
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 26: A Sweet Lie
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 25: Lies and Truth
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 24: Our Nostalgia
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 23: 23 Years
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 22: Private Lesson
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 21: Then, the [Re]visited Days
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 20: Hint
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 19: "Chapter 1"
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 18: Encounter
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 17: Dog and Dog
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 16: Now, Under the Same Moon
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 15: Day of Ending, Day of Beginning
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 14: Side Job Maniac
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 13: Until Spring Comes
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 12: Second Couple
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 12: The Other Couple
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 11: The Returning Season
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 11: Passing Seasons
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 10: When They Became a Couple / 3 Months Later
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 9: And There, We...
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 8: Kagerou
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 7: The Dog's Betrayal
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 6: Tea and Distance
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 5: Overthinking
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 4: Ayakashi Building Walk Rally
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 3: The Real Contract
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 2: The Lonely Master's Dog
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 1: Dog and I