Urino Kiko Sakuhinshuu

A collection of stories: V.1 - Bara Datte Kakeru yo V.2 - Dousousei Daikou V.3 - Shiawase ni Naritai (I Want to Be Happy) One day, a girl wakes up and she's suddenly become a high school girl! What's she to do but live life to the fullest - wear loose socks, 90's fashion, make fashionable friends, and maybe even meet a rocker? We're happy to bring you a new series, this thoroughly josei series by the little-known (in the scanlation world) Urino Kiko. The art and fashion is meant to be from the 90s, but the story will be entertaining to modern readers. (Volume three is completely unrelated to volumes one and two.)

Author: Urino Kiko
Genres: Josei ,Drama ,Romance
Status: Ongoing