Ultra Red

How strong are you? In this manga, the hero is an idiotic little boy who has a frightening style of fighting. But he isn't the only fighting monster. Sumeragi Sen will discover people that are stronger than him, and maybe even the limits of his strength.

Author: Suzuki Nakaba
Genres: Sports ,Shounen
Status: Finished
Chap Vol.04 Chapter 34: Final Chaper Ultra Red! The Fiery Fire will nerver die off [End]
Chap Vol.04 Chapter 33: Ignition fo Haikaikenougi!! Battle Royal
Chap Vol.04 Chapter 32: Angry punches!! This is the distance between you and me
Chap Vol.04 Chapter 31: Reliving the pas!! Dark Feeling
Chap Vol.04 Chapter 30: Equal Strength!! Tandehou vs Bushihou
Chap Vol.04 Chapter 29: Warmup!! Ramdon Punches
Chap Vol.04 Chapter 28: The battle after 8 years!! The reason behind the mystery
Chap Vol.04 Chapter 27: The time is here!! Red hot eyes and a cold smile
Chap Vol.03 Chapter 26: Flawless fighting spirit!! A true man uses his fists to convey the m...
Chap Vol.03 Chapter 25: Hot blooded spirit of the man/guys!! Dragon Flame's General vs Vice ...
Chap Vol.03 Chapter 24: Ike/Gambatte!! The true meaning of fighting
Chap Vol.03 Chapter 23: Intense fight of survival techniques!
Chap Vol.03 Chapter 22: His fists see all?!Defeat the poisonous fangs and needles!!
Chap Vol.03 Chapter 21: Black Horse Yamada Gorou!! Sen fooled
Chap Vol.03 Chapter 20: Father and son hatred!! Mystery of the Sumeragi family
Chap Vol.03 Chapter 19: Cold Blooded Hunter!! Cries from the sacrificed
Chap Vol.03 Chapter 18: Eight man left!! Exicitng/Fierce match
Chap Vol.03 Chapter 17: Fierce Battle!! An unpredictable amount of Strength
Chap Vol.02 Chapter 16: The Elder Katagiri Crushed!! The Spectators are Amazed
Chap Vol.02 Chapter 15: Victory!!Crazy Punches Piercing Through Diamond
Chap Vol.02 Chapter 14: Howling Dog!!Sen's in a Pinch!!
Chap Vol.02 Chapter 13: Anger.Rush of Anger!! Surgin Energy of Rage!!
Chap Vol.02 Chapter 12: Rising fighting will!Moment to win or lose.Rising Voltage!! That Tim...
Chap Vol.02 Chapter 11: End of Battle!! Destruction Power vs Extreme Tactics.The Battle Draw...
Chap Vol.02 Chapter 10: Who can win? Official competition list of contestans out.Who will wi...
Chap Vol.02 Chapter 09: Sudden Death!! All depends oon Fate.Battle Royale!! The Combination ...
Chap Vol.02 Chapter 08: Day of the Mach! The Warm-up before the opening ceremony
Chap Vol.01 Chapter 07: The foreboding of a storm! The sudden movement of a Soldier!
Chap Vol.01 Chapter 06: The Adreneline is pumping up! The Duel of impact!!
Chap Vol.01 Chapter 05: Frontal thrust!! Dragon Flame's defeat?!
Chap Vol.01 Chapter 04: The war situation's drastice change ?! The viewpoint of an enemy int...
Chap Vol.01 Chapter 03: The groaning great arm! Dragon Flame's 2nd military officer, Norio W...
Chap Vol.01 Chapter 02: The discourse of a 3rd generation family?! Mark two freeloaders!
Chap Vol.01 Chapter 01: In the moment of the Fist!! Meeting Sumeragi Sen