Monster weaves the riveting story of brilliant Dr. Kenzo Tenma, a famous surgeon with a promising career at a leading hospital. Tenma risks his reputation and promising career to save the life of a critically wounded young boy. Unbeknownst to him, this child is destined for a terrible fate. A string of strange and mysterious murders begin to occur soon afterward, ones that professionally benefit Dr. Tenma, and he emerges as the primary suspect. Conspiracies, serial murders, and a scathing depiction of the underbelly of hospital politics are all masterfully woven together in this compelling manga thriller. Won the 1st Japan Media Arts Award Excellence Prize in the Manga division. Won the 3rd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award Grand Prize. Won the 46th Shogakukan Manga Award in the General category.

Author: Urasawa Naoki
Genres: Mystery ,Psychological ,Tragedy ,Seinen ,Drama ,Medical
Status: Finished
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 162: The Real Monster [End]
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 161: Tomorrow Will Come
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 160: Those Who Live
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 159: Scenery of the Doomsday
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 158: Don't Cry
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 157: An Undrawable Picture
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 156: A Nameless Man
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 155: The Magnificent Steiner's Rage
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 154: Grimmer's Scream
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 153: The Vacation Is Over
Chap Vol.18 Chapter 152: A Fictitious Man
Chap Vol.17 Chapter 151: Memories I Don't Want To Forget
Chap Vol.17 Chapter 150: Town Bloodbath
Chap Vol.17 Chapter 149: A Peaceful Home
Chap Vol.17 Chapter 148: The Perfect Suicide
Chap Vol.17 Chapter 147: A Paranoid Town
Chap Vol.17 Chapter 146: The Vampire's House
Chap Vol.17 Chapter 145: A Quiet Gunshot
Chap Vol.17 Chapter 144: Ruhenheim
Chap Vol.17 Chapter 143: Where To Go
Chap Vol.17 Chapter 142: I'm Home
Chap Vol.16 Chapter 141: Welcome Back
Chap Vol.16 Chapter 140: Father and Mother
Chap Vol.16 Chapter 139: Massacre
Chap Vol.16 Chapter 138: Johan's Footprints
Chap Vol.16 Chapter 137: Frightening Footsteps
Chap Vol.16 Chapter 136: The Baby's Depression
Chap Vol.16 Chapter 135: Unrelated Murders
Chap Vol.16 Chapter 134: Taxi Driver
Chap Vol.16 Chapter 133: A Friendly Answer
Chap Vol.16 Chapter 132: Over the Roofs
Chap Vol.15 Chapter 131: A Fun Meal
Chap Vol.15 Chapter 130: The Door of Memory
Chap Vol.15 Chapter 129: Memories of the Seminar
Chap Vol.15 Chapter 128: Nina's Memories
Chap Vol.15 Chapter 127: A Sorrowful Reunion
Chap Vol.15 Chapter 126: The Man Who Knew Too Much
Chap Vol.15 Chapter 125: The Demon's Friend
Chap Vol.15 Chapter 124: The Man Who Saw a Demon
Chap Vol.15 Chapter 123: The Party Is Over
Chap Vol.14 Chapter 122: Hideous Necktie
Chap Vol.14 Chapter 121: An Unpleasant Job
Chap Vol.14 Chapter 120: Fond Memories
Chap Vol.14 Chapter 119: What Johan Saw
Chap Vol.14 Chapter 118: That Night
Chap Vol.14 Chapter 117: The Seminar Children
Chap Vol.14 Chapter 116: Puppeteer
Chap Vol.14 Chapter 115: A Neverending Journey
Chap Vol.14 Chapter 114: Son of a Spy
Chap Vol.13 Chapter 113: Room 402
Chap Vol.13 Chapter 112: Escape
Chap Vol.13 Chapter 111: Helene and Gustaf
Chap Vol.13 Chapter 110: Muddy Sandwiches
Chap Vol.13 Chapter 109: Determination
Chap Vol.13 Chapter 108: Witness
Chap Vol.13 Chapter 107: Lawyer
Chap Vol.13 Chapter 106: Jailbreaker
Chap Vol.13 Chapter 105: A Monster's Love Letter
Chap Vol.12 Chapter 104: The People Left Behind
Chap Vol.12 Chapter 103: Look for Helenka
Chap Vol.12 Chapter 102: A Long Farewell
Chap Vol.12 Chapter 101: An Unopened Door
Chap Vol.12 Chapter 100: The Rose Mansion
Chap Vol.12 Chapter 99: The Border Town
Chap Vol.12 Chapter 98: The Most Cruel Thing
Chap Vol.12 Chapter 97: The Detective Boys
Chap Vol.12 Chapter 96: A Long Vacation
Chap Vol.11 Chapter 95: The Most Frightening Thing
Chap Vol.11 Chapter 94: Door to a Nightmare
Chap Vol.11 Chapter 93: Memories of Cocoa
Chap Vol.11 Chapter 92: Memories of the Magnificent Steiner
Chap Vol.11 Chapter 91: The Dead Angle
Chap Vol.11 Chapter 90: Tangent
Chap Vol.11 Chapter 89: Playback
Chap Vol.11 Chapter 88: The Monster's After Image
Chap Vol.11 Chapter 87: Two Darknesses
Chap Vol.10 Chapter 86: Something Important
Chap Vol.10 Chapter 85: Top Secret Investigation
Chap Vol.10 Chapter 84: Agent Suk
Chap Vol.10 Chapter 83: The Magnificent Steiner's Adventure
Chap Vol.10 Chapter 82: Key
Chap Vol.10 Chapter 81: A New Experiment
Chap Vol.10 Chapter 80: Ghosts of 511
Chap Vol.10 Chapter 79: Picnic
Chap Vol.10 Chapter 78: Grimmer
Chap Vol.9 Chapter 77: Frogs In A Fairy-Tale Land
Chap Vol.9 Chapter 76: The Hell In His Eyes
Chap Vol.9 Chapter 75: Traces Of Heart
Chap Vol.9 Chapter 74: Letter From Mother
Chap Vol.9 Chapter 73: The Demon In My Eyes
Chap Vol.9 Chapter 72: Feast Of The Ants
Chap Vol.9 Chapter 71: A Nameless Monster
Chap Vol.9 Chapter 70: A Monster Of Chaos
Chap Vol.9 Chapter 69: A Greater Monster
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 68: My Nameless Hero
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 67: I Am Tenma
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 66: Aim For The Light
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 65: At The End Of Darkness
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 64: Fortune Of Humanity
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 63: Child's Sight
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 62: Holy Ground
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 61: After The Party
Chap Vol.8 Chapter 60: Show Me Proof
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 59: Into Broad Daylight
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 58: Reichwein's Days
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 57: A Decision
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 56: Execution
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 55: Johan's Journey
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 54: Just One Case
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 53: In Broad Daylight
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 52: Article Of Evidence
Chap Vol.7 Chapter 51: Richard
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 50: The Secret Woods
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 49: The Leftover Mystery
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 48: The Thursday Boy
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 47: The Tuesday Boy
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 46: Unseen Enemies
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 45: The Men's Dining Table
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 44: Eva's Confession
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 43: The End Of Her Fall
Chap Vol.6 Chapter 42: Showdown
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 41: Lunge's Trap
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 40: Lunge' Expectations
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 39: Tomorrow Will Be Sunny
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 38: Revenge At Gunpoint
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 37: A Wonderful Holiday
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 36: Journey To Freiham
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 35: After The Carnival
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 34: Jurgens' Storage Room
Chap Vol.5 Chapter 33: The Monster's Abyss
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 32: The Fifth Spoonful Of Sugar
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 31: Reunion
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 30: Main Dish
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 29: Wolf's Confession
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 28: Ayse's Friend
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 27: Professor Geidlitz
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 26: Be My Baby
Chap Vol.4 Chapter 25: An Abandoned Woman
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 24: The Only Man Left
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 23: Petra And Heinz
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 22: Petra And Schumann
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 21: A Meagre Experiment
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 20: Project
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 19: 511 Kinderheim
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 18: Lawyer's Law
Chap Vol.3 Chapter 17: An Erased Past
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 16: The Ex-Soldier And The Little Girl
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 15: Being Chased
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 14: It's Not Your Fault
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 13: Mansion Of Tragedy
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 12: Surprise Party
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 11: Reported Disappearance
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 10: Prince On A White Horse
Chap Vol.2 Chapter 9: The Girl From Heidelberg
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 8: Night Of The Execution
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 7: Monster
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 6: The BKA Man
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 5: A Case Of Murder
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 4: Brother And Sister
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 3: Downfall
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 2: Kill
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 1: Herr Doktor Tenma (HQ)
Chap Vol.1 Chapter 1: Herr Doktor Tenma